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Vtrim® Success Stories

vtrim-success-storiesVtrim® participants lose on an average, 24lbs in 24 weeks. And it’s not all about pounds, Vtrim participants feel better, have less stress, more energy and feel more confident.

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I was 29 when I enrolled in Vtrim. I weighed 342 pounds and was tired of joint pain, being out of breath, and of my worsening asthma. I was simply sick and tired of being sick and tired. I checked out Vtrim’s website and found what I was looking for: a plan that I could incorporate into my life, plus the tools and support to lose weight for the long-term. Having lost weight with other programs and gained it back, I was looking for something different. Vtrim is a program based on science, not gimmicks, so I joined.

Today, I weigh 242 pounds, a total weight loss of 100 pounds. The amount of weight I lost means not only am I fitting back into my old clothes, I have improved my heart health and I feel so much better. Vtrim was a powerful tool for me because it provided the support that I needed; support that I didn’t get with other programs.

Though I find balancing food choices tough, the longer I practice the lessons I learned in Vtrim, the easier it gets. My goals moving forward include losing more weight and then continue working to maintain my healthy goal weight. I have more confidence now, which is something I was lacking before. Vtrim is the best gift I ever gave myself. My life has improved because I have less stress, more energy and people notice me more now. It seems as if very little is out of my reach at this point.