Your Online Partner for Healthy Weight

The Vtrim® Program

The Vtrim® program is not a diet—it’s real life. We give you the knowledge, real support from live facilitators, and online tools to put you in charge of your weight for life.

Our program consists of a series of two consecutive 12-week Vtrim courses (Vtrim I and Vtrim II). They take place entirely online and will teach you to understand and rethink your attitudes and behaviors toward food and physical activity.

No more driving to meetings, just log on and talk to real people in real time! Vtrim’s meetings are held online in a private chat room setting with a live expert facilitator, and a small private group of people just like you, who are looking for real help in reaching healthy weight goals.

You probably already know that you have to eat less and exercise more to lose weight, but Vtrim shows you How to create healthy eating and exercise habits. You’ll learn to manage your weight in real life by learning the fundamentals of healthy weight management and applying them to your own life for success!

The Vtrim Program Includes:

  • 12-week behavior-modification programs, led by live expert facilitators.
  • Small, private-group format: 1 facilitator per 12–20 patients
  • Personalized calorie goals so you can lose 1–2 lbs per/week quickly and safely
  • Online, interactive journaling program, so you can keep track of your own successes and challenges in meeting your weight-loss goals
  • Recipe and menu builder with integrated with calorie calculator
  • Personalized graduated exercise program: building up to 2000 calories/week
  • Online group support: both peer and expert
  • Weekly guidance, and feedback from your facilitator via website and e-mail to keep you on track.

Don’t forget about keeping the weight off!

Sometimes the hardest part of reaching a healthy weight is learning how to keep the weight off once you achieve your goal. Research shows that participation in a supportive maintenance program is a powerful tool for sustaining a healthy weight.

While some of those popular diet’s you’ve heard about do work in the short term, but you are bound to gain the weight back and maybe gain even more. Vtrim equips you with the skills you need to lose weight and keep it off.

Vtrim Maintenance classes are designed for participants who have completed Vtrim I or Vtrim II, and feel they could benefit from continued expert and social support, but also know they can successfully maintain behavior change without the intensive weekly facilitator guidance of a Vtrim I or Vtrim II.

In addition to all of the online tools and social support available to you in your weekly Vtrim maintenance program, you will benefit from a structured monthly program to keep that weight off.

Vtrim monthly maintenance includes;

  • 2 expert-led online classes, in same small group format as Vtrim I & Vtrim II
  • Special monthly topics focusing on successful weight maintenance strategies
  • Expert facilitator review of 1 week of food & exercise journaling
  • Expert facilitator review of individualized monthly goals