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Our Mission

James Set-Up.jpgNothing says America like baseball.  When I speak to groups about Vtrim®, I often use the words and phrases of baseball:  we’ve got to learn our fundamentals, try and get on base, and win the game one run at a time.

My eldest son is a pitcher.  And when he played Little League, his coaches focused on learning the fundamentals – how to throw the ball, how to field the ball, how to hit the ball.  This resonates with me and the time has come, in 21st century America, to relearn the fundamentals of food, fitness and healthy weight so we can regain our vigor, our productivity and our health.

America is at a crossroads, with overweight and obesity taking a toll on our companies, our families and ourselves.  Our company goal is to ensure access to the very best obesity prevention and treatment programming available – Vtrim®.  And we can expand access because Vtrim is available completely online, with expert facilitators leading you and your families to a healthy weight.

Engaging with our customers, our partners and our participants is rewarding, satisfying and fun.  It’s the very best of a team effort  and that’s fun and rewarding.  So, c’mon, punch your ticket and step up to the plate…we guarantee it’s a whole new ballgame.