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The reality is you’re rarely home. You might be at work, at church or at school or maybe sitting on a plane, at a child’s game or at the doctor’s office. Wow. When you leave your house in the morning, you know how tough it is to maintain a healthy weight. In fact, the challenges to losing weight or keeping it off  are often magnified OUTSIDE the home. That’s why we created an online solution for research-based weight loss.

Stuck in the airport surrounded by fast food? Vtrim is there. Working late at the office with nothing to eat but a candy bar and a Coke? Vtrim is there, too. As an online program, you can log onto your class from any setting, as long as there is wi-fi available. Vtrim offers you the flexibility and freedom to step into the ring, put your best foot forward and take on your weight loss challenge.

Got questions? Send an email inquiry to our Customer Support team. A Vtrim representative will be happy to speak with you about your individual needs and find the class that’s right for you.